Legal aid for foreigners and their employers

Our law firm specializes in providing legal services to foreigners and their employers. Our services include:

  • representation in criminal, family and administrative cases involving foreigners, in particular proceeding concerning:
  • divorce,
  • custody,
  • contacts and alimony temporary residence permit,
  • permanent residence permit,
  • work permit,
  • consent to purchase real estate on the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • international protection cases (e.g. refugee status),
  • representation in proceedings regarding the Card of the Pole (“Karta Polaka”),
  • acquisition of Polish citizenship,
  • confirmation of Polish citizenship,
  • establishing a business in Poland,
  • applications for the appointment of a temporary guardian
  • Various other cases addressed to the citizens of Ukraine – we cooperate with Oksana Kindrich – a Ukrainian Lawyer living in Cracow.

If you have any questions about the scope of the cases, please contact us by phone.

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